Is disturbing to me of the majority, who have this desirable greed they continually feed known as a disease.
Not to them, let alone they ever even hear tbemselves and they think they do with absolute delusion, make know mistakes there is no confusion with their chosen creature behavior that hide their REAL inner NATURE of the BEAST that they have become or are!
They hold no internal scars so they become creatures of the very worst of humanity even in 2018. Showing face at weddings and funerals, these diseased functioning individuals turn it on, fake and pretend like my brother and his wife who sacrifice nothing until they kill another’s character and spare nothing from their most unhealthy opinions which then make life altering decisions as NOT to face their own insecure place. CoNTROLING CREATUREs who hide what is really behind their eyes full of lies that eventually decide who they DENY any ounce of civilized, communication as parents, children, siblings, who turn into GOD with all others lives and saddest of all is the creatures of their own as they teach them the most disgusting, disrespectful, cowardly way to be a human being by (SHEER or SHEAR) example from two unknowns of themselves who feel better hurting others for personal gain and leVe another in suffering pain but care is no where anymore and you end of a creature on the run for fear of family becoming my enemy even with 6 years approaching to the day and he date they delivers so much hate, February 14,2012. His drunken bindage blackouts that keep coming up and he can’t seem to shut up with WHAT comes out and at different times when he goes dark. Her control of her creature, my brother is enough to stop at nothing to have him rid his own dna as she sprays it in his ear only for him to command to her demands, sadly his lips have become her clit! REAL SHIT and 100 ligit.
Yup and BEYOND… the very sick brained creatures they have chosen to become but do so as cowardly as any human being that hold themselves in a level of humanity that can see outside of thee self. Not John and Maureen, queen and her cunt, husband John.
I pray for their kids but NEVER want to breathe the same air they do because they are the farthest away from anything authentic, original, man kind, they live as walking dead, and will until their painful existence in the end!

We SEE and KNoW what you both are!
Creatures for sure and in 2018 it all goes on behind CLOSED doors.


The creatures of human beings in 2018

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