Rush me the fuck out of here. This place in time and space called “the USA” is so fucked up by “the white man disease” for their absolute ability to intentionally in 2000 and EIGHTEEN, aka 2018.

Even I the shell of a white guy has never allowed to be inside out. At 47 unfortunately the only thing I have in common with the “current president” IS June 14 as a birthday. Flag day in this land that exists on MF bullshit other than “white man SAID” in their OWN individual “minds”, not man kind. I am on trial for survival by those I was told loved me, my dna family and a cunt sister-in-law who also has “the white man said” because my brothers lips have become her clit. She is a coward with power, very similar to (oh she is PTA president) the current president but in the homes of hidden woes they have but fake and pretend or showing face at weddings and funerals that I stayed away from and had a close relationship with my grandfather, my dear aunt Kathy was slowly dying of prostate cancer while my mom nursed her care the last 4 months of her life until she took her last breath coincidentally another June 14th 2015, I went up in April for a week to help declutter 30 years of stuff.. when she died my dirty ass sister-in-law (although we didn’t know it had another ulterior motive going on behind closed doors with my moms best friend and other sister SO SHE THOUGHT until weeks later my mom, dad and other 2 brothers and their kids (who were like mine if we were to define an unconditional ❤️ between us, as my brother told me the last night we were best friends in a black out drunken state (feb 14, 2012) “we asked them if they could spend a day with anyone they wanted in the world who would it be? uncle mike” and he told me until the next morning my sister-in-law was ROARING mad because he still goes to a place he would rather escape than deal with her, he told me daily the 4yrs we spoke nearly every day as a brother and best friend.

If analogy’s could compare in our society currently, I was like Chloe Kardashian with ALL her nieces and nephews, an energy of ❤️ that glows and lifts them up with a special place they all engage. True family in its purest form, no matter what anyone says the Kardashian’s are a real family who have stood the test of time and NO MAtTER what anyone has to say, (as rich & powerful even) they are relatable, diverse, individually each owns person and #ACCEPTED no matter what, I bet they would accept me if I had that kind of family but different is bad in mine and well when whoever I am is still denied for who I am, not allowed a voice at all, if I don’t agree with how they think and behave well….

That cunt I spoke of earlier, Maureen the next morning threw her typical internal temper tantrum as I sat beside her on the couch she basted with cartoons about 7:30 to punish her husband, my brother John for going to bed about 3 DRUNKER than I have ever seen or witnessed and although he texted me from the plane in FL upon landing to hide 2 bottles one of whiskey, the other I had to write down (as I don’t do hard liquor) but strong and straight almost both bottles he drank and a carton of cigarettes.

What he said to me that night after they got home from a “valentines dinner”she stormed right into the room with my youngest nephew already asleep and so I was on the phone with a friend so John got right to his text order as I wrapped up my call with a friend where I am from in NY he kept stumbling in to say “you almost off” ? About 1/2 hour went by when I got off and went outside to the sun room and asked “why was she so cold to me today?”

He replied “do you want to know the truth?” I said as soon as I go to the bathroom and……


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